Typo <= 5.1.3 Multiple Vulnerabilities Oct 31 2008 06:21PM
L4teral (l4teral gmail com)
Typo <= 5.1.3 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Author: L4teral <l4teral [at] gmail com>
Impact: Cross Site Scripting
SQL Injection
Insecure password hash salt
Status: patch not available

Affected software description:

Application: Typo
Version: <= 5.1.3
Vendor: http://typosphere.org

Typo is a blogging engine developped with the Ruby on Rails framework.


1. The feedback system is vulnerable to cross site scripting.
Script code can be embedded into the "Name" and "Website" fields
when posting a new comment. If the comments are viewed in the admin
panel, the code gets executed in the context of the admin user.
The code embedded in the website paramter also gets executed when
viewing the blog post as normal user.

2. The "Manage pages" part of the administration panel is prone to
SQL injection. The parameter "published_at" is not properly
sanitized due to an erroneous regular expression.
"Blog publisher" rights are needed to exploit this issue.

3. The application uses a salt when storing the password hashes, but
the salt is set to a hardcoded value making the salt less efficient
as equal passwords result in the same hash value.


2008-09-29 - vendor informed
2008-10-02 - vendor informed
2008-10-30 - no response from vendor, public disclosure

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