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WPAD (Web Proxy Auto Discovery) is a method used by web clients to automatically
locate a browser configuration file used to connect through proxy.

Successful attack on WPAD guarantees attackers full access
on user data sent to Internet which could allow stealing critical data like passwords or
credit card numbers. WPAD potential danger depends on two factors: default
configuration and weak awareness among users.

In this article we discuss WPAD architecture and its many functioning principles in home
and corporate networks, real examples of attacks and give recommendations for ordinary
users and system administrators that allow reducing attack consequences.



Simple Freeware Network Checker to detect potentially dangerous entries in DNS and WINS name servers:

Direct url:

* The utility does not recognize DNS and WINS services so do not scan hosts without this services ? it is useless;
* .NET Framework. Is required for the utility.

I hope this is helpful.


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