TELUS Security Labs VR - Microsoft Office Excel Malformed Records Stack Buffer Overflow Jun 09 2009 05:09PM
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Microsoft Office Excel Malformed Records Stack Buffer Overflow

TSL ID : FSC20090609-01
Reference: http://telussecuritylabs.com/threats/show/FSC20090609-01

1. Affected Software

Microsoft Office Excel 2000
Microsoft Office Excel 2002

Reference: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/default.aspx

2. Vulnerability Summary

A remotely exploitable vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Office Excel products. Specifically, the vulnerability is due to a design error encountered when parsing Excel files which contain malformed records. Remote attackers can exploit this vulnerability by enticing target users to open a malicious Excel file.

3. Vulnerability Analysis

A remote attacker can exploit the vulnerability by sending a malicious Excel file to the target system and enticing the target user to open it. A successful code execution attempt will result in the execution of arbitrary code within the security privileges of the currently logged in user. An unsuccessful attack attempt will result in abnormal termination of the Microsoft Office Excel application.

4. Vulnerability Detection

TELUS Security Labs has confirmed the vulnerability in:

Microsoft Office Excel 2000

5. Workaround

Apply the vendor's patch, remove file associations to affected files, or block Excel resources originating from untrusted networks.

6. Vendor Response

Microsoft has released a bulletin addressing this vulnerability.

Reference: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS09-021.mspx

7. Disclosure Timeline

2008-12-23 Reported to vendor
2008-12-23 Initial vendor response
2009-06-09 Vendor disclosure

8. Credits

Vulnerability Research Team, TELUS Security Labs

9. References

CVE: FSC20090609-01
Vendor: MS09-021

10. About TELUS Security Labs Vulnerability Research Service

The Vulnerability Research Service (VRS) gives an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and properties of software vulnerabilities. This service provides lab-based analysis of vulnerabilities based on disassembly, protocol analysis, and source-code analysis.

Our vulnerability data enables security product vendors to deliver product updates without the need for additional research. This data also gives MSPs and enterprise security teams the tools and knowledge to more effectively protect their environments without time-consuming research.


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