Clear Text Storage of Password in CS-MARS v6.0.4 and Earlier Aug 21 2009 03:24PM
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Re: Clear Text Storage of Password in CS-MARS v6.0.4 and Earlier Aug 21 2009 05:00PM
Eloy Paris (elparis cisco com)
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Hi Ryan,

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 09:24:18AM -0600, ryan.wessels (at) kohler (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:

> 1. First after logging onto the console either pnlog mailto, or pnlog
> scpto will send the logs off of the box to a destination you specify,
> you can also display the logs using pnlog show.


> 3. Now executing grep for a portion of the password that MARS uses to
> access Windows Devices (password masked with ####). We can see that in
> this case every iterration of sysbacktrace.X containes 30 occurances
> of our password (95 files 30 occurances each = 2,850 occurances of our
> password):


> 5. Granted access to the sysbacktrace logs is only possible with
> ssh access to the box however these logs if attached to a support
> ticket through email are sent in the clear, or if these log files are
> routinely dumped and stored the password is avliable in clear text.
> Additionally in most cases MARS will be monitoring Active Directory
> data in order to access Domain Controllers 'Domain Admin' rights must
> be included in the account.

This is definitely a bug; we should not be sending any passwords to any
log file. I've filed Cisco Bug CSCtb52450 ("Passwords in CS-MARS log
files") against CS-MARS so this problem is taken care of. People can
monitor progress of this bug via the Cisco Bug Toolkit on cisco.com at:


Note that since the bug has just been created it has not yet propagated
to the Cisco Bug Toolkit application, so it is not currently visible
there. It should become visible within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for the report, and please let me know if you have any questions
or concerns.


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Eloy Paris
Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)
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