Mozilla Firefox JavaScript Prompt Spoofing Weakness Dec 05 2009 12:05PM
tcphttp (tcphttp yahoo com)
There exist two seperate security issues in Mozilla Firefox concerning
JavaScript prompts appearing from domain which is not the true origin.
The first is about spawning JavaScript prompted message over web page of
another domain, so in effect, the address bar and the browser content
are from one domain, but the prompted JavaScript message is generated by
script from another different domain. This is resulted from a race
condition scenario, in which the browser is first navigated to URL of
another domain, then before it's loaded, immediately launch JavaScript
message prompting, so JavaScript message is displayed over a web page
other than its origin web page. The issue here only affects Firefox, and
doesn't seem to affect Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. This is
CVE-2009-4129. The second is regarding the function named
"MakeScriptDialogTitle"(in file "nsGlobalWindow.cpp" of Firefox source
code), responsible for "Script Dialog Title", which is designed to show
"host". The "MakeScriptDialogTitle" function removes usernames and
passwords from URL, with a purpose of "spoof prevention", but it's not
enough, because script dialog has limited and predictable width, so only
the prefix will be displayed if domain name is long. This is
CVE-2009-4130. Topsec has the credit.

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