Re: All China, All The Time Jan 19 2010 04:19PM
Neil Dickey (neil geol niu edu)

Steven J. Koch wrote in part:

>The following is opinion, not necessarily fact.

The same is true here.

>While penalties for "hacking" (why can't anyone use the appropriate
>term, cracking?), have become more severe in China, unfortunately
>those outside the jurisdiction of China's laws have nothing to worry
>about because the Chinese government is not working with other
>governments to pursue these people.

It is also plausible that the things done by China-based crackers
may further the socio-political and economic aims of the Chinese
government, whether or not these crackers are actually sponsored
by that government. Blocking measures instituted by malware
targets to defend their networks may provide the only motivation
that government has to do anything substantive, to be a good
internet citizen, and root them out.

If there are no adverse consequences, and the crackers are doing
damage to your adversaries, then why go to the expense and bother?

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