fcrontab Information Disclosure Vulnerability Mar 04 2010 12:06AM
Dan Rosenberg (dan j rosenberg gmail com)
 fcrontab Information Disclosure Vulnerability
 March 3, 2010


fcrontab, part of the fcron scheduler, is vulnerable to several race
conditions that allow a local attacker to use symbolic links to read
unauthorized files.  On systems where fcrontab is installed with its
own "fcron" group, this allows an attacker to read other non-root
users' crontabs and fcron configuration files.  On systems where
fcrontab is installed suid root, this allows an attacker to read arbitrary


The developer has released a new version, 3.0.5, to address these
vulnerabilities.  It is available for download on the developer's
website, http://fcron.free.fr.  Users are advised to recompile from
source or download updated packages from downstream distributors
when they become available.


This vulnerability was discovered by Dan Rosenberg
(dan.j.rosenberg (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]).
Thanks to Thibault Godouet for his prompt response and new release.


CVE identifier CVE-2010-0792 has been assigned to this issue.

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