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== Call for Papers and Experts
=== DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2010 - Quad Core, the fourth DeepSec

Another year has passed and another Call for Papers is out. The next DeepSec
conference will be in Vienna from November 23rd to 26th 2010 and we invite
you to send your submission for conference talks and workshops. Additionally
we call for submisison from young security researchers of 21 years and
younger for exhibits of their own research during the conference. The
deadline for submissions is July 31 2010.

== Topics ==

The DeepSec 2010 focuses heavily on mobile security. Any gadget that you
carry with you or that is used by roadwarriors comes under scrutiny.
This includes networked resources intended for the mobile audience and
modern nomads as well. On top of that we like to hear about the security
of next generation infrastructure - IPv6, cloud computing and services,
virtualization technologies, in short everything that should keep us
online and connected for the next decades. We want to get a glimpse into
the future based on the problems of today.

Please do not submit specific single exploits (which might be fixed by
the time of the conference) and "yet-another-XYZ-hack", script kiddy
content or similar "breakthroughs". Save your effort for the Nobel
prize. Exploit frameworks, general approaches, "defective by design" or
"defective by implementation" and high impact exploits have a much
higher chance to get accepted. ;-)

- AJAX/Web2.0/JavaScript Security
- Cloud Computing
- Code Analysis
- Cryptographical Weaknesses
- Digital Espionage
- Digital Forensics
- e-Voting
- Failure and Fixes of all kinds
- Gadgets (networked and mobile)
- Incident Response
- Malware Research
- Messaging Technologies
- Network Protocols
- Operating Systems
- Patch & Upgrade Management
- Secure Software Development
- Security Management
- Social Engineering
- Virtualisation
- VoIP Technology
- Web Security
- Wireless Technology

Please note, that we are a non-product, non-vendor biased security
conference and do not welcome vendor pitches in the conference talks or
trainings. We will provide an opportunity for vendor self presentation
through sponsorship and vendor booths in the conference lounge, where
coffee and snacks will be served during the breaks.

== U21 ==

DeepSec will sponsor young security researchers by providing an
opportunity to attend the conference for free. In order to take
advantage of this offer your have to submit a description of your own
security research project. Your work will be an exhibit during the
breaks. You have to present your project in the loung area. Optionally
you can do a lightning talk about your work (roughly 5 minutes).

The offer is intended for everyone with a maximum age of 21.

== Submission ==

Proposals for talks and trainings at the second annual DeepSec
In-Depth Security Conference will be accepted until
_July 31th 2010, 23:59 CEST_.

All proposals should be submitted through our web site
https://deepsec.net/cfp/ or by email to: cfp (at) deepsec (dot) net [email concealed]

== About DeepSec ==

DeepSec IDSC is an annual European two-day in-depth conference on computer,
network, and application security. It takes place in November and aims to
bring together the world's leading security professionals from academics,
government, industry, business, and the underground hacking community. The
conference offers two days of security talks and two days of trainings,
covering the latest topics in network and IT security.

DeepSec offers a neutral ground to exchange ideas and experiences, thus
making it a unique event where all participants can get in contact freely.

== Speakers/Trainers ==

Speaker privileges include:

- One economy class return-ticket to Vienna.
- 3 nights of accommodation in the conference hotel.
- Breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks
- Speaker activities during, before, and after the conference.
- Speaker's Dinner.
- Speaker After-Party in the Metalab Hackerspace.

Instructor privileges include:

- 50% of the net profit of the class.
- Breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks.
- Free ticket for the conference.
- Speaker activities during, before, and after the conference.
- Speaker After-Party in the Metalab Hackerspace.

If you have questions, want to send us additional material, or have
problems with the web form, feel free to contact us at: cfp (at) deepsec (dot) net [email concealed]

Best regards,
DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference organisation team.


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