SQL injection vulnerability in Zabbix <= 1.8.1 May 24 2010 05:48PM
David Guimaraes (skysbsb gmail com)
Product: Zabbix
Vendor: Zabbix SIA
References: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/39752
Software Link: http://www.zabbix.com/
Vulnerable Version: <= 1.8.1
Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection
Status: Fixed in version 1.8.2
Risk level: Medium
Author: David "skys" Guimaraes (skysbsb[at]gmail.com)
Date: 27/04/2010

Vulnerability Details:
The vulnerability exists due to failure in the "events.php" script to
properly sanitize user-supplied input in "nav_time" variable. Attacker
can execute arbitrary queries to the database, compromise the
application or exploit various vulnerabilities in the underlying SQL

Attacker can use browser to exploit this vulnerability. The following
PoC is available:

Positive response page contains: "\"info\">1"

David "skys" Guimaraes

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