Wing FTP Server PORT Command DoS Vulnerability Jun 21 2010 06:46AM
sk (sk10_0 yahoo com)

Discovery Date: Nov 14, 2009
Risk: Important
Affected Software:
* Wing FTP Server 3.1.2

There is a Denial of Service
(DoS) vulnerability that exists in Wing FTP Server 3.1.2. The
said vulnerability can be exploited by using an invalid parameter for
PORT command. When exploited successfully, the vulnerability could cause FTP server using the said software to crash.
Wing FTP Server 3.1.2 on a Windows environment is affected.
Other versions may also be affected.

Patch Information:

information on the patch can be found in the following page:
* Wing FTP
Server History
Discovered by:
Sumit Kumar Soni , Trend Micro
Read more about this threat incident in the Malware Blog entry "Trend Micro Discovers Wing FTP Server PORT Command DoS Bug." hxxp://threatinfo.trendmicro.com/vinfo/SecAdvisories/default6.asp?VNAME=


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