File Content Disclosure in TCMS Aug 26 2010 12:54PM
advisory htbridge ch
Vulnerability ID: HTB22579
Reference: http://www.htbridge.ch/advisory/file_content_disclosure_in_tcms.html
Product: TCMS
Vendor: Target CMS ( http://targetcms.com/ )
Vulnerable Version: 100728 and Probably Prior Versions
Vendor Notification: 09 August 2010
Vulnerability Type: File Content Disclosure
Status: Not Fixed, Vendor Alerted, Awaiting Vendor Response
Risk level: Low
Credit: High-Tech Bridge SA - Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing (http://www.htbridge.ch/)

Vulnerability Details:
An attacker can disclose arbitrary local file content.

The vulnerability exists due to failure in the "php/lib/admin.php" script to properly sanitize user-supplied input in "name" variable. An attacker can compromise the application, get configuration and password files content. Access to this information could lead attacker in launching further attacks against the target system.

Attacker can use browser to exploit this vulnerability. The following PoC is available:

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