ESA-2010-018: RSA Security Advisory: RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces a fix for a potential security vulnerability in RSAR Authentication Client when storing secret key objects on an RSA SecurIDR 800 Authenticator Oct 06 2010 05:55PM
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ESA-2010-018: RSA Security Advisory: RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces a fix for a potential security vulnerability in RSA® Authentication Client when storing secret key objects on an RSA SecurID® 800 Authenticator

RSA Authentication Client 2.0.x, 3.0, and 3.5.x contain a potential vulnerability that could allow the unintended extraction, by a properly authenticated user, of secret (or symmetric) key objects stored on an RSA SecurID 800 Authenticator. This potential vulnerability is corrected in RSA Authentication Client 3.5.3.


CVE Identifier: CVE-2010-3321

RSA Authentication Client can be used to store secret key objects on an RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator using the PKCS#11 API. According to PKCS#11 specifications, secret key objects tagged as SENSITIVE and NON-EXTRACTABLE cannot be exported from the device. This option safeguards against the possibility of a key being used in a manner for which it was not originally intended by the developer of the application (e.g., a user copying the key to another device). Affected versions of RSA Authentication Client ignore the SENSITIVE and NON-EXTRACTABLE tags for secret key objects and allow these objects to be extracted by a properly authenticated user.

Affected Products:

Any version of RSA Authentication Client used only with RSA SecurID 800 authenticators to store secret key objects tagged as SENSITIVE and NON-EXTRACTABLE.


Includes all OS versions of RSA Authentication Client

Unaffected Products:

The following RSA Authentication Client and RSA SecurID 800 use cases are NOT impacted by this vulnerability:

* Use of the SecurID 800 authenticator as an RSA SecurID one-time passcode (OTP) generator

* Secure storage of digital certificates or other asymmetric keys

* Secure storage of secret key objects that are intended to be extractable (e.g., password storage)


Customers using RSA Authentication Client and PKCS#11 to store SENSITIVE and NON-EXTRACTABLE secret key objects on RSA SecurID 800 authenticators should upgrade to RSA Authentication Client 3.5.3 as soon as possible. Customers using RSA Authentication Client and the RSA SecurID 800 authenticator for any other purposes are not impacted by this announcement and do not need to upgrade at this time.

Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Base Score:

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score for the item identified in this advisory is 1.5 (AV:L/AC:M/Au:S/C:P/I:N/A:N). For more information on CVSS scoring, please see the Knowledge Base Article, "Security Advisories Severity Rating" at https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com/scolcms/knowledge.aspx?solution=a46604


RSA would like to thank Graham Steele, LSV, INRIA & CNRS & ENS-Cachan as well as Matteo Bortolozzo, Matteo Centenaro and Riccardo Focardi, Universita Ca'Foscari for reporting this issue.

Obtaining Documentation:

To obtain RSA documentation, log on to RSA SecurCare Online at https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com and click Products in the top navigation menu. Select the specific product whose documentation you want to obtain. Scroll to the section for the product version that you want and click the set link.

Obtaining More Information:

For more information about RSA SecurID, visit the RSA web site at http://www.rsa.com/node.aspx?id=1156.

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For customers with current maintenance contracts, contact your local RSA Customer Support center with any additional questions regarding this RSA SecurCare Note. For contact telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, log on to RSA SecurCare Online at https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com, click Help & Contact, and then click the Contact Us - Phone tab or the Contact Us - Email tab.

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RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the link below for additional details.


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