USBsploit 0.3b Oct 14 2010 11:34AM
xpo xpo (smashxpo gmail com)

USBsploit is a PoC to generate Reverse TCP backdoors (x86, x64, all
ports) and malicious LNK files. It can also help to run Autorun or LNK
USB remote infections, also dumping all USB files remotely on multiple
targets (and multiple USB drives) at the same time, a set of specific
extensions to dump can be used. USBsploit works through Meterpreter
sessions with a light (27MB) modified version of Metasploit
(3.4.2-dev). The interface is a modified version of SET (0.6.1).

The USBsploit v0.3b home page :

The SVN https://svn.secuobs.com/svn

The .run https://www.secuobs.com/usbsploit/usbsploit-0.3-BETA-linux-i686.run

The .tar.gz https://www.secuobs.com/usbsploit/usbsploit-0.3-BETA-linux-i686.tar.gz

Some videos:

- USB LNK infection and all USB files dumping

- USB Autorun infection with Reverse_TCP backdoor and all USB files

- Reverse TCP backdoor and USB files dumping using a specific set of
extensions http://secuobs.com/news/14072010-usbsploit_v0.1b_meterpreter_msf_2.shtml

- Reverse TCP backdoor and all USB files dumping

The Meterpreter script usbsploit.rb (
https://svn.secuobs.com/svn/lib/msf/scripts/meterpreter/usbsploit.rb )
can otherwise be used with the original Metasploit Framework, more
videos about that on this channel ( http://www.youtube.com/secuobs )


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