H2HC Cancun - Free Entrance! Nov 21 2010 11:07PM
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) (rodrigo kernelhacking com)
Dear All,

I'm proud to announce that the H2HC Cancun entrance is now free - Thanks
to our sponsors that helped us to make this happen: Microsoft, Nitro
Security, Trustwave and others!

As many of you already know, H2HC (Hackers to Hackers Conference) is
been held for the 7th year in São Paulo, but for the first year also in

The conference will be held in the luxurious Resort Hotel Melia ME
Cancun (http://www.me-cancun.com/) on the 3rd of december.

All the talks have simultaneous translation to Spanish and the speaker
lists is awesome (thanks to all of you who trusted us and submitted your
great material for the first year of our conference in Cancun) - check
it out: http://www.h2hc.com.br/cancun/.

Best Regards and see you in this amazing city,


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