[eVuln.com] PHP Code Execution in Alguest Dec 03 2010 10:39AM
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New eVuln Advisory:
PHP Code Execution in Alguest
Summary: http://evuln.com/vulns/153/summary.html
Details: http://evuln.com/vulns/153/description.html

eVuln ID: EV0153
Software: Alguest
Vendor: n/a
Version: 1.1c-patched
Critical Level: high
Type: PHP Code Execution
Status: Unpatched. No reply from developer(s)
PoC: Available
Solution: Not available
Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu ( http://evuln.com/ )
It is possible to inject and execute arbitrary PHP code.
All options values are written to dati/vars.php file.
These values dont pass through any sanitation filter.
Vulnerable script: opzioni.php
PoC code is available at:
Not available
Vulnerability discovered by Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu
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