minor browser UI nitpicking Dec 14 2010 09:19PM
Michal Zalewski (lcamtuf coredump cx)
Hi folks,

Two minor things that do not deserve a lengthy discussion, but are
probably mildly interesting and worth mentioning for the record:

1) Chrome browser is an interesting example of the perils of using
minimalistic window chrome, allowing multiple windows to be spliced
seamlessly to confuse the user as to the origin of the displayed
content. An unconvincing Windows-specific proof-of-concept:

2) I reported this to the vendor long time ago, and could not get them
to commit to a specific fix: Safari allows windows without the address
bar and other essential chrome, akin to the behavior of other browsers
circa 10 years ago. This essentially makes all other address spoofing
vulnerabilities redundant, as the attacker has the ability to decorate
windows arbitrarily (you can look up ancient proof-of-concept exploits
for Netscape or MSIE here).


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