[SECURITY] CVE-2011-1475 Apache Tomcat information disclosure Apr 06 2011 05:28PM
Mark Thomas (markt apache org)
CVE-2011-1475 Apache Tomcat information disclosure

Severity: Important

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
- Tomcat 7.0.0 to 7.0.11
- Earlier versions are not affected

Changes introduced to the HTTP BIO connector to support Servlet 3.0
asynchronous requests did not fully account for HTTP pipelining. As a
result, when using HTTP pipelining a range of unexpected behaviours
occurred including the mixing up of responses between requests. While
the mix-up in responses was only observed between requests from the same
user, a mix-up of responses for requests from different users may also
be possible.

Users of affected versions should apply one of the following mitigations:
- Upgrade to a Tomcat 7.0.12 or later
- Switch to the NIO or APR/native HTTP connectors that do not exhibit
this issue

This issue was identified by Brad Piles and reported via the public ASF
Bugzilla issue tracking system.
The Apache Tomcat security team requests that security vulnerability
reports are made privately to security (at) tomcat.apache (dot) org [email concealed] in the first


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