Vulnerable and completely outdated 3rd party ZIP code in FastStone image viewer May 16 2011 03:56PM
Stefan Kanthak (stefan kanthak nexgo de)
The FastStone image viewer <http://www.faststone.org/> (and most
probably other FastStone products too) contains a 3rd party
ZipDll.dll dated 2001-10-28.

This DLL was originally written by Chris Vleghert and Eric W. Engler,
based on InfoZIPs <http://infozip.org> code from 2000.

It is but vulnerable and completely outdated: the current version of
the successor <http://dll.delphizip.org/> is 1.90, the oldest version
( listed there is from July 2005, almost 4 years newer than
the DLL distributed with the Faststone image viewer.

According to <http://infozip.org/FAQ.html#corruption> all versions of
ZIP prior to 2.31 (November 2004) and UnZIP prior to 5.52
(February/March 2005) are vulnerable.

Vendor was informed via <http://www.faststone.org/contactUs.htm>,
but did not respond at all!

Stefan Kanthak

PS: Tools like Secunia's PSI don't detect such outdated and
vulnerable DLLs/components, so: user beware!

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