SA500 vulnerabilities - details Jul 27 2011 08:43AM
michal sajdak securitum pl

Advisory by Cisco was published a few days ago (Bugtraq ID: 48810).

Now more details:

1. Unathenticated access to web management (any user - including admin).
Due to blind SQLi in the login form of web management (port 443, https,
login field, embedded sqlite DB), there is possible to obtain:

a) all logins
b) all passwords (which are kept in the DB in plaintext)
c) other data stored in internal DB

2. Privilege escalation to OS root level.

Having access to any user on the target system (including guest user),
it is possible to get full OS root access by injection in ping/traceroute/dns lookup

User interface prohibits such injections, but viewing / modifying http
requests in raw form allows to bypass that restriction.

More datailed information - including screenshots:

Michal Sajdak, Securitum

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