YVS Image Gallery Sql injection Feb 23 2012 11:19AM
CorryL (corryl80 gmail com) (1 replies)
Case YVS Image Gallery Feb 27 2012 11:32AM
Henri Salo (henri nerv fi)

The software "YVS Image Gallery" seems to be full of security issues. For example one can have lots of fun with this. Copy from installation.php:


$host = $_POST['host'];
$db_name = $_POST['db_name'];
$db_user_name = $_POST['db_user_name'];
$db_password = $_POST['db_password'];

$admin_name = $_POST['admin_name'];
$admin_password = $_POST['admin_password'];

$o_host = $_POST['o_host'];
$o_db_name = $_POST['o_db_name'];
$o_db_user_name = $_POST['o_db_user_name'];
$o_db_password = $_POST['o_db_password'];

//read in the file
$file = "../functions/db_connect.php";
$fh = fopen($file, 'r+');
$contents = fread($fh, filesize($file));

//set up the text to change
$text_to_change = array();
$new_text = array();

$text_to_change[] = '$dbhost="'.$o_host.'"';
$text_to_change[] = '$dbuser="'.$o_db_user_name.'"';
$text_to_change[] = '$dbpass="'.$o_db_password.'"';
$text_to_change[] = '$dbname="'.$o_db_name.'"';

$new_text[] = '$dbhost="'.$host.'"';
$new_text[] = '$dbuser="'.$db_user_name.'"';
$new_text[] = '$dbpass="'.$db_password.'"';
$new_text[] = '$dbname="'.$db_name.'"';

$new_contents = str_replace($text_to_change, $new_text, $contents);

// Open file to write
$fh = fopen($file, 'r+');
fwrite($fh, $new_contents);

//set up new admin user

include '../functions/db_connect.php';


I'll bet this software is not used much, but I can list all problems I can find if we want to assign CVE-identifiers to cases like these. No contact information of developer found. Any ideas how to get these fixed or get the code out of internet. The package is also hosted in here: http://www.hotscripts.com/listing/yvs-image-gallery/ (and probably others).

- Henri Salo

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