Struts2 Security Challenge Mar 14 2012 06:21PM
Ivan Buetler (ivan buetler csnc ch)
Hi all,

We are proud to announce a new and free Apache Struts2 Web-Hacking
challenge. Ever thought about vulnerabilities in frameworks and
libraries one is using in its web app? Apache Struts is used in many web
apps around the globe. But the vulnerability and the impact is not very
known. That's why we have written a "vulnerable" service you can legally
mess around with. It is important to keep an eye on such components and
dependencies. Try to solve the struts challenge! (Level = Advanced)

Read more about the Struts2 problem here:
* http://struts.apache.org/2.x/docs/s2-009.html

Watch this Hacking-Lab intro movie and get familiar with our vulnerable
e-banking service and the challenge host. The exploit string is
obfuscated and hidden to make it more interesting for you.
* http://media.hacking-lab.com/movies/struts2/

Do you feel like little hands-on experience? No problem, register to our
free Hacking Challenge, connect to the lab using VPN and learn more
about exploitation and remedy. Get our free HL LiveCD and speed up your
connection to the lab.
* https://www.hacking-lab.com/events/registerform.html?eventid=199

It is strongly recommended to upgrade to Struts, which contains
the corrected OGNL and XWork library. Vulnerable apps are at high risk
(remote code execution).

Have a safe day
Ivan Buetler

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