[CVE-2012-2273] Comodo Internet Security <5.10 BSOD (Win7 x64) Apr 19 2012 03:22PM
Ange Albertini (ange albertini gmail com)
[affected software]
Comodo Internet Security, until 5.9

BSOD under Windows 7 x64 if a 32b PE with a kernel ImageBase is executed.

such files are very unusual, but work perfectly if the PE contains
relocations, as shown at http://pe.corkami.com#ImageBase and

PoCs downloadable on http://pe.corkami.com, files: tls_reloc ibkernel
ibkmanual reloccrypt

Ange Albertini (corkami.com)

[vendor communication]
5th January 2012 - details shared with the vendor
23th January 2012 - patch is planned
12th March 2012 - bug are fixed in 5.10

from http://www.comodo.com/home/download/release-notes.php?p=anti-malware

5.10.228257.2253: 12 March, 2012
* IMPROVED! Compatibility with other security suites is improved in
Windows 7 x64
* FIXED! BSOD when corrupted executables are loaded in memory in Windows 7 x64
* FIXED! HIPS can leak process handles with a special set of access rights
* FIXED! Smart scan crashes under certain circumstances

update to 5.10 or later

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