DC4420 - London DEFCON - April meet - Tuesday April 24th 2012 Apr 20 2012 11:34AM
Major Malfunction (majormal pirate-radio org)
Yes, It's INFOSEC week again, so limber up your shwag carrying muscles
and head down to get your shiny shiny!!! You know you can never have too
many stress balls or thumb drives... And while you're there, come and
see us!

As usual, we are making special arrangements for the influx of bods that
we would not normally get to see, so please note we are NOT AT THE

I'll say it again. We're not there, we're here: The Troubadour


It's not far from Earls Court Tube (District/Piccadilly) and very close
to the West Brompton train station where the overland choo choo goes
from t'north round to Clapham, Euston and other places of London...


The UK Conference 44Con are holding an event there: 44Cafe
(from lunchtime).... and they are gifting us the venue for the evening.
How sweet. This kind of splendid venue doesn't come cheap... it will be
rather different and you will like it. Regulars will need to be
early though, as space will be a bit more limited than usual.

We are in the club downstairs, but there's a full 50's styled cafe
upstairs for chatting with a great menu and coffee and the odd beer.
When they say they do 'all day breakfast' they _mean_ it. You can order
it at 10.30pm...

As for talks, we will have (ahem!), myself (Aperture Labs, Defcon Goon,
RFIDiot) talking about either new and shiny RFID or RF or both,
depending on StuffThatNeedsToHappenBeforeItCanGoPublic(tm), and...

Steve Lord (Mandalorian, 44Con Co-organiser) talking about OtherStuff(tm).

Kickoff at 19:30, kickout some time after normal as they have a late
licence... (website claims 02:00, so let's see how close we can get! :)

See you next week!
"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...

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