ToorCamp 2012: The American Hacker Camp Apr 25 2012 08:16PM
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ToorCamp is a five-day open-air event for hackers, makers, breakers, and shakers. ToorCamp is where you get together with the rest of the best in a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere, and exchange ideas with the brightest technology experts from around the world. The camp has everything you need: power, internet, food and fun. Bring your tent, bring a friend ? and get ready to reunite and reignite with really smart people, just like you.


Want to share? We encourage you to submit a Talk or a Workshop idea to us. We are accepting 50-minute, 20-minute, and lightning talks as well as workshops of any length. For those that just want to work on a project with others, we are also providing resources for participants to organize hacking sessions. Talks can range from hacking and breaking new technologies to orienteering, philosophy, cooking, politics, etc. We will consider any talk that you think would be interesting for an intelligent audience of geeks like you.


Want to stake your claim? Organize a campsite! Hackerspaces and groups can request sectioned off parts of the camp to build their own structures, show off their projects, host parties and events, and whatever they feel like doing to contribute to ToorCamp. Help make the camp awesome by getting your friends together and planning a campsite!


Want a roof? We have a limited number of cabins available for ToorCamp that we can provide to sponsors, campsites, and attendees. If you are interested in a cabin, please send us an email with a brief explanation of your plans for the cabin so we can place you in the one that?s most suitable to your needs.


- PRE-REGISTER: at http://toorcamp.org/registration.

- SUBMIT A TALK OR WORKSHOP: at http://toorcamp.org/cfp

- ORGANIZE A CAMPSITE: please fill out the sign-up form at http://toorcamp.org/campsite-signup and make sure
to create a wiki page for your campsite at http://wiki.toorcamp.org/wiki/Category:Campsites. Email campsite
questions to campsites (at) toorcon (dot) org. [email concealed]

- CABIN REQUEST: please email cabins (at) toorcon (dot) org [email concealed] for more information.

- SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: We are currently looking for sponsors for the camp. If you?re interested in
sponsoring a party, event, food, or just for getting a sponsored cabin you can throw your own party, please email
sponsor (at) toorcon (dot) org. [email concealed]

- GENERAL INFORMATION: ToorCamp 2012 info can be found at www.toorcamp.org. If you have any other questions about the camp, please email organizers (at) toorcon (dot) org. [email concealed]

- JOIN OUR MAILING LIST: keep up to date on ToorCamp 2012 announcements and planning and sign up at http://groups.google.com/group/toorcamp.

Hobuck Beach Resort
Neah Bay, WA
August 8th-12th 2012

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