OWASP 2012 Online Competition with Hacking-Lab Apr 29 2012 07:15PM
Ivan Buetler (ivan buetler csnc ch)
Dear security experts,

Hacking-Lab is proud to announce the upcoming online OWASP 2012 hands-on
competition about web security issues. The competition will start next
Tuesday (May 1 2012) and ends June 17th, 2012. It's all about web
security, including the Greece Hackademics challenges plus some advanced
Hacking-Lab challenges. The winner will gain a free ticket to either the
OWASP AppSec EU conference in Athens or AppSec US.

Winner Selection Criteria
a) how many points you receive (complete)
b) how complete your solutions are (quality)
c) how fast you are completing the challenges (time)
d) creativity, unseen solutions, geek factor

The OWASP GEC (Global Education Committee) and Hacking-Lab have the
right to select the winner in case of identical a) to d) levels. OWASP
teachers, Hacking-Lab volunteers, Compass Security Switzerland staff are
not allowed to play. Sorry for that, folks.

Checkout the upcoming "OWASP 2012 Online Competition" here
* https://www.hacking-lab.com/events/

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Kind Regards
Ivan Buetler, E1

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