hashdays 2012 - Call for Papers (#days CFP) Jun 25 2012 05:17AM
Hashdays CFP (cfp defcon-switzerland org)
Call for Papers for hashdays'12 (#days)

hashdays is an international security technology and research conference
offering both trainings/workshops and traditional presentation tracks.
The event features many international IT security experts sharing their
deep technical knowledge in an open environment and takes place October
31st to November 3rd, 2012 in Lucerne. The conference is unique in
Switzerland and is organized by DEFCON Switzerland, a non-profit
association registered as a Defcon Group (DC4131,
http://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-groups/dc-groups-index.html) with the
aim to give experts and professionals a platform to transfer insights
into the information security domain and to sensitize users to
information security topics. The official conference web site is located
at: https://www.hashdays.ch.

We are happy to announce that the CFP is now open and we are accepting
interesting and innovative proposals for 50-minute talks. Please follow
the following guide for submitting.

In particular, we are looking for topics in the following domains:
* Operating system and application security
* Wired and wireless network security
* Mobile communication security
* Forensics and anti-forensics
* Digital privacy and anonymous communication
* Reverse engineering of software and hardware
* Malware collection and analysis
* Botnet analysis
* Electronic voting
* Industrial espionage / industrial control system security
* Security metrics and visualization
* Intrusion detection and prevention
* Cloud computing security
* Cryptography and security protocols
* Biometric system security
* Quantitative and model based IT risk management

Submissions from academic and scientific institutions are welcome.

Second submission round will end July 30 2012, 9pm CET. Notes of
Acceptance will be delivered shortly after but no later than August 12 2012.

Submission Guidelines
The submission package is assessed by the program committee and the
author is notified on the outcome by electronic means. Your submission
package must be delivered to cfp (at) defcon-switzerland (dot) org [email concealed] in
non-proprietary electronic formats (ASCII preferred, PDF, OpenOffice if
you can.t help it) and contain the following:

Talk details:
* Either:
o a proposal of your intended talk with at maximum 400 words XOR
o a full paper with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 pages XOR
o a slide deck with a maximum of 45 slides
* 150 word abstract of the talk which will be displayed on our
conference website
* Rationale why your material is significant and should be presented
* Information on whether this talk has been or will be presented elsewhere
* Samples of other materials which might help to assess your submission
* Links to your web presence, if relevant (optional)
* What are the key messages in your talk and what will the audience
learn from your talk

Presenter details:
* Your name and contact information
* Location of residence
* Country where the passport was issued
* Name of employer and/or affiliations (optional)
* 150 word biography of the speaker for use on our conference website
* A photo of yourself which is shown along with your biography (optional)
* List of previous significant talks (topic and name of conference)
* List of publications
* Name of employer and/or affiliations (if applicable)

Speaker Benefits
We offer the following benefits to accepted speakers:
* Free admission for the two conference days (including lunches and
coffee breaks)
* Invitation to the complimentary speaker's dinner
* Paid accommodation for two nights at the hotel where the conference
takes place
* Reimbursement of travel expenses in economy class up to a certain
amount (depending on your location)

Please note, that we are only able to reimburse travel expenses for one
(1) person per presentation.

The author of the content keeps his or her full rights on the submitted
material. By submitting the CFP package the author agrees to the
following terms:
* You confirm that the material submitted is your own except for where
explicit references to third-party works are made.
* You confirm that you have obtained permission to use and distribute
third-party content, like images.
* You give permission to DEFCON Switzerland to publishing/distributing
your material either in physical or electronic format without royalty.
* You give permission to DEFCON Switzerland to create audio and video
recordings of your presentation and publish/distribute these without
* You agree that travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed only
upon successful delivery of your talk and upon presenting the receipts.
* You agree to reading out a disclaimer to the audience at the beginning
of your presentation if deemed necessary by DEFCON Switzerland.
* You agree not to hold DEFCON Switzerland liable for any direct or
indirect damages or costs in case the event is cancelled.

If you like our conference, you can support us by sponsoring. We offer
attractive sponsoring opportunities. For details please contact:
sponsoring at defcon-switzerland.org.

Thank you and best regards,
#days organizing committee

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