GreHack 2012 - Call For Musicians/Artists/DJs application open till October 5th 2012 (Grenoble, France) Jul 19 2012 08:27AM
Fabien DUCHENE (f duchene car-online fr)
http://grehack.org GreHack 2012 conference will take place in Grenoble
(Alps), France on October 19th-20th 2012 and brings together students,
academia, industry and government to exchange knowledge around
emerging issues in the security + hacking world. During the night, a
Capture The Flag (CTF) will take place. Each paper is peer reviewed at
least 3 times.

Musicians, Artists, DJs can apply to perform during the CTF:

* Call for Musicians/Artists/DJs application is OPEN! till October 5th 2012*
- you are free to apply to put the CTF on fire!
- advised music style (we are open to anything though) : electro,
hard-rock, drum'n'bass
- application process will stricly close on October 5th 2012
- feel free to contact the organization committee for any question

applicants must be people who will participate to grehack anyway
we do not pay for travel expenses / hostel
we will reimburse up to 100% of GreHack entry fee per person accepted to perform
we do not provide financial compensation for acts made during GreHack
we remind you that CTF will last from 19th october 2012 9pm to 20th
october 2012 6am (Paris time)

*How to Apply?*
Answer following questions and send them to
grehack-organisation_committe AT car-online.fr
- What is your artist/group name?
- How many people are you?
- What kind of music do you play? (2 lines at most)
- How many mics and instruments do you have to plug at the same time?
- Have you ever played to a hacking CTF? (if so, please provide references)
- website?
- email? phone?
- do you fully agree that your pseudo/group name will appear publicly?
- how many hours will you play? (at least 1)


Twitter: @grehack ; during conference, hashtag #grehack and #grehack2012
Mail: grehack-organisation_committe ~~AT~~ car-online.fr
Website: http://grehack.org

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