[Announcement] ClubHack Magazine's July 2012 Issue Released Jul 19 2012 02:05PM
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Hello Readers,

ClubHack Magazine's Issue 30, July 2012 is here.

This issue covers following articles:-

0x00 Tech Gyan - PHP Shells
0x01 Tool Gyan - OWASP DirBuster - Bruteforcing the web
0x02 Mom's Guide - Private Browsing
0x03 Legal Gyan - Section 66E - Punishment for Violation of Privacy
0x04 Matriux Vibhag - Webserver Scanning with Nikto
0x05 Code Gyan - Basics of Android Secure Coding
0x06 Poster - "Update your system before its too late"

PDF version can be download from:- http://chmag.in/issue/jul2012.pdf.
Check http://chmag.in/ for all the articles.

Hope you'll enjoy the magazine.
Articles, Feedback & suggestions are welcome. Please send your bouquets or brickbats to info (at) chmag (dot) in [email concealed]

Team CHMag

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