GreHack 2012 - LAST Call For Papers (Grenoble, France) till 15th August 2012 Aug 13 2012 10:48PM
Fabien DUCHENE (f duchene car-online fr)
*GreHack 2012* LAST Call For Papers .. till 15th August 2012.
http://grehack.org GreHack 2012 conference will take place in Grenoble
(Alps), France on October 19th-20th 2012 and brings together students,
academia, industry and government to exchange knowledge around
emerging issues in the security + hacking world. During the night, a
Capture The Flag will take place. Each paper is peer reviewed at least 3 times.

*Suggested Topics (not limited to)*
- Track: ethical, legal and philosophical
-- greyhat hacking: a consumer advance, or a risk for worldwide security?
-- current state of laws relative to cyber-security and hacking +
justified suggestions of modifications

- Track: technical
-- Hadopi: why is it a technical and legal failure? how to exploit in
memory vulnerabilities of Hadopi approved software?
-- In Memory Vulnerabilities
--- Windows 8: heap analysis, kernel structures and new memory protections
--- Exploit Corner: come present us your last sploit!
-- Hardcore Penetration Testing
--- Code obfuscation to complicate Reverse Engineering
--- Discrete Attacks (eg: without writing on the filesystem)
--- Hypervisor evasion
--- Vulnerabilities and exploits on defensive security tools (eg:
AntiMalwares, Firewalls, IDS)
-- Attacking Infrastructures
--- Internet: how to root your ***box? Which security
functionalities (and properties) are provided? How to bypass them?
--- ipsec, ipv6
--- routing protocols
--- wireless: 802.11, réseaux 3G, 4G, WiMAX, RFID
--- sensor networks
-- Malwares and Botnets
--- state of the art of botnets redundancy mechanism
--- self-code modification (polymorphism) of malwares
--- ability of antimalwares to detect slighly mutated samples
--- vulnerabilities in antimalwares drivers

- Track: research
-- Learning and Offensive Security
--- static and dynamic analysis
--- dumb/simple/basic fuzzing and smart-fuzzing for automating
vulnerability detection
--- metrics for exploitability of vulns (in memory, web)
--- model checking
--- advances in reverse-engineering automation and model inference
--- concolic execution
-- Hardware Attacks
--- nanotechnology
--- fault injection in memory via laser
--- smart cards
--- transportations
--- medical tools
--- embedded malwares
-- Cryptology
--- influence of the environment on PRNG entropy
--- mathematic aspects in current cryptology
-- Defensive Security
--- Trust Based Computing
--- New Access Control Models for processes isolation
--- New H/W + S/W for increasing the cost of exploitation

- We highly encourage original topics that break with traditional
research directions
- We will favor presentations with tools demonstrations or results

*Important Dates*
- CFP Opens: 1st May 2012
- CFP Closing Date: EXTENDED to 15th August 2012 (due to several
requests. was initially 15th July 2012)
- Final speakers List online: 09 September 2012
- Conference Dates: 19 October 2012 9am-7pm
- Capture The Flag: night (19 October 2012 9pm till 20 October 2012
6am Paris time :)

*Program Committee*

- Dan Alloun (Intel)
- Florent Autreau (Mataru)
- Claude Castelluccia (INRIA)
- Fabien Duchene (LIG)
- Philippe Elbaz-Vincent (UJF)
- Karim Hossen (LIG)
- Pascal Lafoucarde (VERIMAG)
- Arnaud Maillet (Evidian R&D, Ensimag student)
- Pascal Malterre (CEA)
- Sanjay Rawat (LIG)
- Guillaume Touron (Ensimag student)
- Marie-Laure Potet (VERIMAG)
- anonymous researcher (private company in vulnerability research)

*Invited Talks*
- Eric Freyssinet (LIP6, Gendarmerie) Botnet: From Observation to Investigation
- Christophe Devine (ANSSI) mobile telephony security: a compared
study. till what degree can we trust mobile operating systems and
radio protocols?
- Philippe Elbaz-Vincent (UJF) attacks on randomness of hardware Prime
Random Number Generator
- Regis Leveugle (TIMA) attacks on secure hardware
- Kostya Kortchinsky (Microsoft and formerly Immunity Inc.) - TBA

*Speaker Benefits*
- Free pass to the conference
- Accommodation during the Conference (1 night)
- GreHack will participate to travel expenses (limited budget)

*Submission Guidelines*
Call for Papers is open till 15th August 2012.
Consider submitting even if your topic is not listed above.
send your submission to: grehack-program_committee _A_T_ car-online.fr

*Capture The Flag*

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