DC4420 - London DEFCON - November meet - Tuesday 20th November Nov 16 2012 11:02AM
alien DC4420 (alien dc4420 org)
.. what, already?

A busy night is planned :-)

Want to know what's involved with being in a Capture The Flag contest?

The winners of the 44CON MWRLabs CTF 2012 - "Three Headed Monkeys"
will be presenting:

"Playing the 44CON CTF for fun & profit - and winning!"

"It will be pretty technical - a walk through the vulnerabilities I
found, and how I turned them into points. Some basic practical SQL
injection, stack smashing and privilege escalation"

This will be of interest to people who haven't tried anything "hands on"
before. Oh and we are assured: "There will be code!"

For special bonus Skapp will do a short presentation on how he designed
the CTF and what was involved in keeping it running.

In addition:

'Data-mining a cloud that wasn't meant to be public' by Krunch

"This short talk describes an undocumented feature of a certain
web storage provider that allows some operations typical users
of the service would probably not expect. We will explain how
the feature was discovered, how it was exploited and what kind
of data we have been able to retrieve."

As ever, lots of chat time and food + drinks.

p.s (remember the interesting iOS talk of July? the wifi turbo talk of
last month? well there were many followups to that.. got anywhere yet?
- let me know)

Venue is here:

The Phoenix
37 Cavendish Square


2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.


Tuesday 20th November 2012


17:30 till kicking out, intro starts at 19:30

All welcome!

See you then


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