Foswiki Security: Alert CVE-2013-1666 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in MAKETEXT macro. Feb 19 2013 04:36PM
George Clark (geonwiki fenachrone com)
---+ Security Alert: Code injection vulnerability in MAKETEXT macro

This advisory alerts you of a potential security issue with your Foswiki
installation. A vulnerability has been reported against the core Perl
module CPAN:Locale::Maketext [1], which Foswiki uses to provide
translations when {UserInterfaceInternationalization} is enabled in the
configuration. Because of this vulnerability it may be possible for a
user to invoke arbitrary perl modules on the server through a crafted

The original fix for this issue reported in
[[SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-6329]] [2] failed to eliminate one possible
attack vector. This CVE applies an additional fix for the original issue.

The system is *not vulnerable* if ={UserInerfaceInternationalization}=
is not enabled in your configuration, or if =Locale::Maketext= has been
upgraded to version 1.23 as advised in [[SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-6329]] [2].

---++ Severity Level

Severity 1 issue: The web server can be compromised.

The severity level was assigned by the Foswiki
Community.SecurityTaskTeam [3] as documented in
Development.SecurityAlertProcess [4]

---++ Vulnerable Software Versions

All releases of Foswiki.
* Foswiki-1.0.0 to Foswiki-1.0.10
* Foswiki-1.1.0 to Foswiki-1.1.7

---++ MITRE Name for this Vulnerability

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project has assigned the name
CVE-2013-1666 [5] to this vulnerability.

---++ Attack Vectors

Editing wiki pages and HTTP POST requests towards a Foswiki server with
enabled localization (typically port 80/TCP). Typically, prior
authentication is necessary. If your wiki allows commenting by users
without first logging in, then it may be possible for such an anonymous
user to exploit this vulnerability.

The original report ( [[SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-6329]] [2]) against
Locale::Maketext also identified another vector, where a module name can
be passed in to Locale::Maketext through the bracket notation. At the
time we determined that Foswiki was not vulnerable to this vector, as
Foswiki does not permit that syntax to be used. __This was incorrect__.
It is possible to pass bypass the checks by double-escaping the brackets.

---++ Impact

Arbitrary code execution on the server as the webserver user.

---++ Details

A crafted %MAKETEXT{}% macro can cause multiple issues: This CVE
addresses an additional vector:
* NEW *Execute arbitrary perl modules by escaping brackets within
MAKETEXT =~~[Some::Module,~~]= (CVE-2013-1666)*
* Execute arbitrary code on the server by passing unsanitized strings
to Locale::Maketext. (CVE-2012-6329)
* Consume memory and swap space resulting in potential lockup or
crash due to %MAKETEXT{}% not validating the parameter numbers supplied
in the =[_nnn]= tokens. (CVE-2012-6330)
* Cause an exception within Foswiki, also due to invalid parameters
in =[_nnn]= tokens

---++ Countermeasures

Apply one of these countermeasures:
* Apply hotfix (see patch below).
* Install Extensions.PatchItem12391Contrib [6]
* Disable ={UserInerfaceInternationalization}= in your =!LocalSite.cfg=
* Upgrade to Foswiki-1.1.8 once available.

In addition to the above, Locale::Maketext should be upgraded to version

You can verify that the patches are successful by using the following
two lines in a test topic:

* If a warning about MAKETEXT Rejected is displayed here, your system
is patched for Item12285: %MAKETEXT{"[_101]"}%
* If ==[quant,4,singular,plural]== is displayed at the end of this
line, your system is patched for Item12391: <b><tt>%MAKETEXT{"
~~[quant,4,singular,plural~~] "}%</tt></b>

Note: If the 2nd line displays =~[quant,4,singular,plural~]= (shows the
~ character) then your system is not patched, but is not vulnerable
because Internationalization is disabled.

---++ Authors and Credits

* John Lightsey for disclosing the issue to the foswiki-security list.
* CrawfordCurrie, PaulHarvey and GeorgeClark for contributing to the
fix, the 1.1.8 release and advisory.
* Members of the Foswiki security team for discussions and for
editing this security advice.

---++ Hotfix for Foswiki Production Release 1.1.0-1.1.7

The line numbers may vary between releases, but the two regular
expressions should be changed as shown below:

=================( CUT )================
--- lib/Foswiki/Macros/MAKETEXT.pm 2013-02-13 10:26:42.520780283 -0500
+++ lib/Foswiki/Macros/MAKETEXT.pm 2013-02-13 10:26:51.362682708 -0500
@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@
$str =~ s/\]/~]/g;

# restore already escaped stuff:
- $str =~ s/~~\[/~[/g;
- $str =~ s/~~\]/~]/g;
+ $str =~ s/~~+\[/~[/g;
+ $str =~ s/~~+\]/~]/g;

$max = 0;
$min = 1;

=================( CUT )================

---++ Hotfix for Foswiki Production Release 1.0.0-1.0.10

Apply the above patch to Foswiki.pm, in the vicinity of line 4193

---++ Action Plan with Timeline

* 2013-02-12 - User discloses issue to foswiki security mailing list
(John Lightsey)
* 2013-02-13 - Developer verifies issue (George Clark)
* 2013-02-13 - Security team triage the issue (George Clark, Crawford
Currie, Paul Harvey)
* 2013-02-13 - Developer fixes code (George Clark)
* 2013-02-14 - Security team creates advisory with hotfix (George Clark)
* 2013-xx-xx - Release Manager builds patch release (name)
* 2013-02-14 - Send alert to foswiki-announce and foswiki-discuss
mailing lists (George Clark)
* 2013-02-19 - Publish advisory in Support web and update all related
topics (George Clark)
* 2013-02-19 - Reference to public advisory on Download page and
Known Issues (George Clark)
* 2013-02-19 - Issue a public security advisory (vuln (at) secunia (dot) com [email concealed],
cert (at) cert (dot) org [email concealed], bugs (at) securitytracker (dot) com [email concealed] bugtraq (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]
full-disclosure (at) lists.grok.org (dot) uk [email concealed]) (name)

---++ External Links

[1] http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Locale::Maketext
[2] http://foswiki.org/Support/SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-6329
[3] http://foswiki.org/Community/SecurityTaskTeam
[4] http://foswiki.org/Development/SecurityAlertProcess
[5] http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2013-1666
[6] http://foswiki.org/Extensions/PatchItem12391Contrib

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