DC4420 - London DEFCON - March meet - Tuesday 26th March 2013 Mar 22 2013 11:11AM
Major Malfunction (majormal pirate-radio org)
yes, it's that time of the month again and this time we have a speaker
on a subject close to my heart - low level hardware hacking...


Dominic Spill


"Introducing Daisho - monitoring multiple communication technologies at
the physical layer"


Most communications media can be monitored and debugged at various
levels of the stack, but we believe that it is most important to examine
them at the physical layer. From there, the security of every level can
be investigated and tested. The task of monitoring physical layer
communications has become increasingly difficult as we try to squeeze
more and more bandwidth out of our links. A passive tapping circuit can
be used to monitor a 100BASE-TX connections, but no such circuit exists
for 1000BASE-T networks.

Our solution to this problem is Project Daisho; an open source hardware
and software project to build a device that can monitor high speed
communication links and pass all of the data back to a host system for
analysis. Daisho will include a modular, high bandwidth design that can
be extended to monitor future technologies. The project will also
produce the first open source USB 3.0 FPGA core, bringing high speed
data transfer to any projects that build on the open platform.

As a proof of concept at this early stage, we will demonstrate
monitoring of a low bandwidth RS-232 connection using our first round of
hardware and discuss the challenges involved with the high speed targets
such as 1000BASE-T and USB 3.0 that we will take on later this year.


so far we have no 'fun' talk, so if you've got something short and sweet
ping me now!


DOWNSTAIRS!@ The Phoenix, Cavendish Square


Oxford Circus nearest tube


Tuesday March 26th 2013

Venue ours from 17:30, talks start 19:30

see you next week!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...

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