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Steve (steve 44con com)
---- 44Café: The vendor-free event returns tomorrow!

44Café is the free vendor-free one-day event taking place upstairs at
O'Neill's, 326 Earl's Court Road, London on the 23rd of April. We'll
have talks, beer and free bacon butties to give away. If you're tired of
vendors at the main exhibition or you want to meet up with friends
before BSides London (http://www.securitybsides.org.uk/) this is the
place to be! All are welcome!

---- Talks

The following talks have been scheduled for 44Café:

* Neil Kettle - An unbiased updated assessment of Trusteer Rapport
* WickedClown - Evil RDP: Owning fully patched windows boxes
* Steve Lord - How I met your mother(board) - badtouching IPMI

The 1st round of 44Con speakers and workshops will also be announced at
44Café at 3pm BST. Space upstairs is limited but the pub downstairs is
also available for overflow and networking.

---- Why you should come

* We have beer
* We have free bacon butties
* We have bugs
* We'll kidnap your friends and force them to drink beer

---- When/Where?

O'Neill's, 326 Earl's Court Road (on the corner of Earls Ct Road and Old
Brompton Road) - map: http://goo.gl/maps/64kXJ

Doors open: Midday
Doors close: Late late late!

---- Questions?

To the crew at 44con (at) 44con (dot) com [email concealed], or @44con on twitter.

$!@%)£^*)£@%*@NO CARRIER

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