CVE-2013-3734 - JBoss AS Administration Console - Password Returned in Later Response Jun 04 2013 10:03PM
amroot (i amroot com)
Product: Embedded Jopr - JBoss AS Administration Console
Vendor: Red Hat Middleware, LLC
Version: < 1.2
Tested Version: 1.2
Vendor Notified Date: May 29, 2013
Release Date: June 03, 2013
Risk: Moderate
Authentication: Required
Remote: Yes

Passwords submitted to the application are returned in clear form in
later responses from the application. Although the password field is
masked, it is visible via the page source regardless of SSL.
This behavior increases the risk that passwords will be captured by an
Specifically, this can be leveraged to pivot and gain access to
configured databases by viewing the page source or using browser tools
such as "inspect element" in chrome and firefox.
Successful exploitation of this vulnerability results in taking
complete control of database servers.

Exploit steps for proof-of-concept:
1. Navigate to: JBossAS Servers> JBoss AS> Resources> Datasources
2. Select Datasource
3. View page source
4. Find input type="password"
5. "value=" will contain the database password.
6. Dump database.

Vendor Notified: Yes
Vendor Response: Does not consider this to be an exploitable security
flaw due to type authenticated.


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