Slots open for Security Projects :Open Source Showcase at AppSec Research / EU 2013 Jul 02 2013 09:32PM
Dirk W (dirk wetter googlemail com)
Hi all,

this year's OWASP AppSec Research / EU (https://appsec.eu/) has still some slots
open for security projects which wants to demo their project @AppSecEU :


It doesn't have to be an OWASP project -- everybody's welcome -- what
counts is the open license. The call for entries is open until Sunday (July 7).
So: huury up!

Feel free to retweet or share this info with other mailing lists or peers.

The OWASP AppSec Research / takes place from August 20-23 in Hamburg / Germany.
And it also has an exciting program btw: http://sched.appsec.eu/ |
https://appsec.eu/program/schedule-thursday/, besides the great trainings:



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