Re: [Full-disclosure] Apache suEXEC privilege elevation / information disclosure Aug 07 2013 04:08PM
king cope (isowarez isowarez isowarez googlemail com)
I posted the advisory to make administratos aware that it will be
still possible to read files with the apache uid even when suEXEC is
in place.
suEXEC is installed on many hosting providers. I read the cpanel site
describing the patches [1], tough standart apache httpd does not have
these patches installed.
SymLinksIfOwnerMatch will not help in this attack scenario because the
.htaccess file overwrites this Options directive.
If a hacker sees an apache installation using suEXEC from an attackers
perspective it does not matter where the bug resides, either in Apache
or in suEXEC. He just wants to circumvent the suEXEC protection so he
can go the way described in the text I posted. This will aid him to
escalate privileges further.


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