NotSoSecure CTF (in partnership with Appsec USA) Oct 08 2013 12:32PM
sid (sid notsosecure com)
Hello All,

To celebrate the launch of SQLi labs we will be hosting a public CTF from
October 25th-27th. The CTF is FREE to participate, but please register for
it using the link below:

Registration Link:

1. When does the CTF start?
16:00 BST on Friday 25th October

2. When does CTF end?
21:00 BST on Sunday 27th October

3. How many challenges and what are the objectives?
There will be 2 challenges and you will have to obtain 2 flags. Everyone who
gets both Flags will find a mention on our leader-board page.

About SQLi Labs:

SQL Injection Labs provides an on-line platform to master The Art of
Exploiting SQL Injection. From SQLi 101 to mind bending 2nd order injection,
file read/write access, remote code execution; we have got it all covered.
Whether you are a student who is just starting a career in field of IT
security or a professional who wants to become a Ninja, we have something
for everyone!

Prizes for CTF include a FREE ticket to Appsec USA
(http://appsecusa.org/2013/) as well as a cash prize.

Happy Hacking!


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