Training : Advanced Android & iOS Hands-on Exploitation at Toorcon San Diego [16th-17th Oct,2013] Oct 15 2013 11:10AM
xys3c team (security xysec com)
XYSec Labs will be running a 2-day training class at Toorcon San Diego
from Oct 16-17 on "Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation",
which had a great feedback at Syscan 2013, OWASP Appsec APAC (2013)
and BlackHat US 2013 (under Mobile Hacking by Hotwan).

Student Feedbacks :

"This is the best and most packed mobile hacking class I've attended
so far" - Syscan2013
"Thanks to the trainers, we were able to cover a lot of materials and
hands-on challenges in the 3-day class" - OWASP APAC

The course content includes some of the following topics:

*ARM Exploitation : Basic Overflow attacks, ROP
*Shellcoding on ARM
*OWASP Mobile Top10
*App-based attacks
*Exploitation using AFE(Android Framework for Exploitation)
*Android Forensics
*Auditing iOS Applications
*Decrypting app binaries
*Use-after free
*Many challenges to be completed by the students

The online registrations are closed. Please contact tim [at] toorcon
[dot] org to register yourself.

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