Belkin WiFi NetCam video stream backdoor with unchangeable admin/admin credentials Nov 08 2013 05:21PM
Johannes Ernst gmail com
Product NetCam WiFi Camera With Night Vision, purchased August 2013

Live video stream is accessible with user/password of admin/admin.
The user/password combination admin/admin cannot be changed by the user.
This "feature" is undocumented.

To reproduce:
1. Connect webcam to Ethernet or WiFi
2. Access webcam's IP address through a browser, e.g.
3. Enter admin/admin as user/password. This will produce an empty page with a copyright notice of "Go Ahead Software Inc., 1994-2000" as an HTML comment
4. Access relative URL /goform/video, e.g. to see M-JPEG live video from the camera

* Reported to Belkin August 6th.
* To the best of my knowledge, Belkin:
* has not notified existing users of the product of the vulnerability
* has not recalled products
* is not actively encouraging users to upgrade their firmware
* has "improved" the firmware in unspecified ways since the initial report. (direct communication)
* has not published details or release notes of the "firmware improvements", or stated whether and when the new version started shipping on NetCams. The PDF user manual on the Belkin site as of today still references firmware version 2.3.0.

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