DC4420 (DefCon London) meeting next Tuesday, 26th November 2013 Nov 21 2013 11:35PM
Tony Naggs (tonynaggs gmail com)
As usual we will be in the downstairs bar at The Phoenix, Cavendish
Square, W1G 0PP
The venue is ours from 17:30 until 23:00, talks start 19:30.

The programme format this month is tweaked a little, the second half,
after the main talk & break, will be short talks - we have 2 scheduled
and maybe 1 or 2 more can be accommodated on the night.


1st Speaker:

Wendy Goucher


Optical Hacking


Shoulder surfing is a good source of anecdotes. It seems everyone has
seen some data they shouldn?t have at some point. These stories are
entertaining but essentially harmless. This talk will use information
gathered in the course of my PhD investigating the subject to reveal
how shoulder surfing has, through the power of smartphone technology,
evolved into a real threat to business. A casual observation in the
executive airport lounge could be a social media enabled pile of
embarrassment even before the unwary executive has stepped on their

All the elements to a storm of information leakage are there. Before
you or your organisation are the victim of Optical Hacking discover
the risk and start thinking about mitigation.




2nd Speaker: Skyper

Title: IETF 88 update

Synopsis: November's IETF88 results on pervasive Internet
surveillance, current and future trends on SSL/TLS, HTTPS, DNSSEC and
opportunistic encryption and the need for hackers to attend the IETF


3rd Speaker: Krunch

Title: Don't mind the airgap

Synopsis: On the feasibility of ultrasonic communication with
commodity hardware in non-lab environment. Including obligatory demo.


Info about DC4420 (Defcon London) - http://www.dc4420.org/
Info about the venue - http://www.phoenixcavendishsquare.co.uk/

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