CVE-2014-2044 - Remote Code Execution in ownCloud Mar 06 2014 10:44AM
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Vulnerability title: Remote Code Execution in ownCloud
CVE: CVE-2014-2044
Vendor: ownCloud
Product: ownCloud
Affected version: 4.0.x & 4.5.x
Fixed version: 5.0
Reported by: Alejo Murillo Moya


A remote code execution has been found and confirmed within ownCloud as
an authenticated user. A successful attack could allow an authenticated
attacker to execute PHP code, which could lead to a full compromise of
the server and associated infrastructure. Please note that only the
Windows versions of ownCloud are affected and that valid credentials are

It is possible to create a custom .htaccess into the user's folder on
Windows version of the application, which will enable PHP execution on
the folder. This vulnerability exists because it is possible to bypass
the internal blacklists using Windows ADS (Alternate Data Streams).

Further details at:

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