CVE-2014-2570 - php-font-lib 0.3 www/make_subset.php Reflected Cross Site Scripting Mar 24 2014 11:05AM
Daniel Marques (daniel codalabs net)

php-font-lib - Subset maker (make_subset.php) Reflected Cross-site Scripting

Revision 1.0


Author: Daniel C. Marques (@0xc0da)

Release date: 2014-03-23

Reference: http://codalabs.net/cla-2014-001

Disclosure Timeline


2014-03-19 - Developer notified.

2014-03-19 - Developer patch.

2014-03-20 - CVE-2014-2570 assigned.

2014-03-23 - Public disclosure.

Product Information


Product: php-font-lib

Description: A library to read, parse, export and make subsets of
different types of font files.

Developer: Fabien Ménager

Website: https://github.com/PhenX/php-font-lib



The Subset maker of the affected php-font-lib versions is vulnerable
to a Reflected Cross-site Scripting. This vulnerability might allow
remote unauthenticated attackers to inject arbitrary Javascript or
HTML via the 'name' parameter. This flaw exists because the contents
of 'name' are not sanitized before it is inserted in the web page.

Vulnerability Information


Vulnerability: Reflected Cross-site Scripting

CVE Identifier: CVE-2014-2570

CVSSv2 Base Score: 5.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N)

CWE Identifier: CWE-79 - Improper Neutralization of Input During Web
Page Generation ('Cross-site Scripting')

Affected releases: 0.3

Vulnerability details


The make_subset.php script in the 'www' directory does not sanitize
the contents of the 'name' parameter before echoing it to the user.
The vulnerable piece of code is shown below:

<h1><?php echo $name ?></h1>

This vulnerability can be used to inject Javascript code to be
rendered by the browser. An attacker must trick the user to access a
crafted URL (using social engineering, e.g.) for a successful attack.






The developer informed that version 0.3.1 fixes the issue.



Vulnerability identified and reported by Daniel C. Marques (@0xc0da).



[1] https://github.com/PhenX/php-font-lib

[2] https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/79.html

[3] http://codalabs.net/cla-2014-001

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