CVE-2014-3629: Apache Qpid's qpidd can be induced to make http requests Nov 07 2014 04:42PM
Gordon Sim (gsim redhat com)
Apache Software Foundation - Security Advisory

Apache Qpid's qpidd can be induced to make http requests

CVE-2014-3629 CVS: 3

Severity: Low


The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:

Apache Qpid's qpidd up to and including version
0.30, where xml exchange module is loaded


The XML exchange type is an optional, dynamically loaded module for
qpidd that allows creation of exchanges that route messages based on
evaluating an xquery expression against them.

On parsing a message sent to an XML exchange, whose body is XML
containing a link to a DTD, the broker process will attempt to
retrieve the referenced resource(s). I.e. the broker process may be
induced to make outgoing HTTP connections by publishing a message
containing links to an XML exchange.


A patch is available that prevents any retrieval of external entities
referenced in the XML. This will be included in subsequent releases, but
can be applied to 0.30 if desired.

Common Vulnerability Score information:

If the XML exchange functionality is not required, the module in
question need not be loaded at all. This can be done either by moving
the module - named xml.so - out of the module directory, or by setting
the --no-module-dir option and adding an explicit --load-module
argument for every required module.

Where the XML exchange functionality is required, authorisation may be
enabled to prevent all but trusted users from creating or publishing
to xml exchanges.


This issue was discovered by G. Geshev from MWR Labs

Common Vulnerability Score information:

CVSS Base Score 3.5
Impact Subscore 2.9
Exploitability Subscore 6.8
CVSS Temporal Score 3
CVSS Environmental Score Not Defined
Modified Impact Subscore Not Defined
Overall CVSS Score 3

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