CVE-2014-8731 - RCE in phpMemcachedAdmin <=1.2.2 Nov 12 2014 09:24AM
cert it nrw de
CVSSv2 Vector:
CVSSv2 Base Score=10.0
CVSSv2 Temp Score=9.5
OWASP Top 10 classification: A1 - Injection

PHPMemcachedAdmin is a web-based frontend for Linux's memcached Daemon.

Project Homepage:
Download Site:

PHPMemcachedAdmin stores data in the server's filesystem.
Part of the serialized data and the last part of the concatenated filename may be specified by the user, which can lead to remote code execution e.g. if a php script is created and placed within the webserver's document root.

All versions prior and including the current version 1.2.2 are affected as far as we know.

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