Shakacon 2015 Last Call for Papers (July 6-9 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii) Feb 12 2015 05:18AM
Jonathan Brossard (endrazine gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Shakacon 2015 Last Call for Papers (July 6-9 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii) Feb 13 2015 06:35AM
Jonathan Brossard (endrazine gmail com)
Dear list,

Due to an overwhelming number of requests from surfers^H^H^H^Hhackers
ready to rock Hawaii next July, we would like to clarify the Shakacon
speaker benefits with the following updated CFP :

Note to hackers/surfers/dolphin lovers:

[Speaker Benefits]

Besides a cool speaker badge and the brightest speaker shirt you'll ever
lay your eyes on Shakacon will reimburse speakers
for two (2) hotel nights and round trip coach airfare. If you choose to
stay somewhere other than the official Shakacon hotel
we will only be reimburse for hotel room nights at a less than or equal
to cost. Reimbursable round trip coach airfare cannot
exceed $1,200.00 US without prior approval from conference organizers.

Speakers also receive free admission to the conference, all conference
related materials, and an invite to the private
pre-conference dinner with the conference organizers, staff, and fellow

[Trainer Benefits]
Trainers are responsible for their own travel and lodging unless other
arrangements have been made with the conference organizers.
Trainers should evaluate the minimum attendee requirements for their
course and plan for possible cancellation of their class if
such minimums are not met. Shakacon will take care of all venue costs
(A/V equipment, Internet, tables, chairs, food, beverages)
for the training; however, trainers are responsible for providing
materials necessary for conducting their class (hardcopy material,
hardware, software, switches). Revenue from the training class is split
50/50 between the trainer and conference. Trainers receive
free admission to the conference.

See you there !


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