[oCERT 2015-012] Ganeti multiple issues Dec 30 2015 01:29PM
Daniele Bianco (danbia ocert org)
#2015-012 Ganeti multiple issues


Ganeti, an open source virtualization manager, suffers from multiple issues in
its RESTful control interface (RAPI).

The distributed replicated storage (DRBD) secret is leaked by the RAPI
interface when job results are requested. Leveraging on the knowledge of
this secret, a malicious user who had already gained access to the storage
network of the cluster can retrieve instance data more easily and reliably.

The RAPI interface is also vulnerable to a DoS condition, triggered via SSL
parameter renegotiation issued by a malicious client. The condition leads to
resource exhaustion on the master node.

Affected version:

Ganeti <=2.9.6, <=2.10.7, <=2.11.7, <=2.12.5, <=2.13.2, <=2.14.1, <=2.15.1

Fixed version:

Ganeti >=2.9.7, >=2.10.8, >=2.11.8, >=2.12.6, >=2.13.3, >=2.14.2, >=2.15.2

Credit: vulnerability reported by Pierre Kim <pierre [dot] kim [dot] sec [at] gmail [dot] com>.


CVE-2015-7944 (DoS), CVE-2015-7945 (DRBD secret leak)


2015-12-21: vulnerability report received
2015-12-24: contacted affected vendors
2015-12-30: advisory release





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