CVE-2016-3672 - Unlimiting the stack not longer disables ASLR Apr 06 2016 12:58PM
Hector Marco-Gisbert (hecmargi upv es)
Hi everyone,

We have fixed an old and very known weakness in the Linux ASLR implementation.

The weakness allowed any user able to running 32-bit applications in a x86
machine disable the ASLR by setting the RLIMIT_STACK resource to unlimited.

This is a very old trick to disable ASLR, but unfortunately it was still present
in current Linux systems.

Details at:


Dr. Hector Marco-Gisbert @ http://hmarco.org/
Cyber Security Researcher @ http://cybersecurity.upv.es
Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

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