Nagios Core < 4.2.2 Curl Command Injection leading to Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-9565] Dec 15 2016 09:14AM
Dawid Golunski (dawid legalhackers com)
Nagios Core < 4.2.2 Curl Command Injection leading to Remote Code Execution


Discovered by: Dawid Golunski (@dawid_golunski)

Severity: High

Nagios Core comes with a PHP/CGI front-end which allows to view status
of the monitored hosts.
This front-end contained a Command Injection vulnerability in a RSS feed reader
class that loads (via insecure clear-text HTTP or HTTPS accepting self-signed
certificates) the latest Nagios news from a remote RSS feed (located on the
vendor's server on the Internet) upon log-in to the Nagios front-end.
The vulnerability could potentially enable remote unauthenticated attackers who
managed to impersonate the feed server (via DNS poisoning, domain hijacking,
ARP spoofing etc.), to provide a malicious response that injects parameters to
curl command used by the affected RSS client class and effectively
read/write arbitrary files on the vulnerable Nagios server.
This could lead to Remote Code Execution in the context of www-data/nagios user
on default Nagios installs that follow the official setup guidelines.

The full advisory and a PoC exploit can be found at:


Attackers who have successfully exploited this vulnerability and achieved code
execution with 'nagios' group privileges, could escalate their
privileges to root
system account via another Nagios vulnerability (CVE-2016-9566) described at:


For updates, follow:


Dawid Golunski
t: @dawid_golunski

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